Instructions to Tie-Dye a Peace Sign

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Things You'll Need

  • T-shirt (100 percent cotton)

  • Soda ash fixer

  • Plastic tablecloth

  • Washable markers

  • Rubber bands

  • Bucket

  • Soda ash

  • Plastic container

  • Wire rack

  • Plastic gloves

  • Dye

  • Strong laundry detergent

Tie-dye prevents color from penetrating all areas of a fabric.

The tie-dying process prevents a fabric from completely absorbing dye. Tie-dye tells the dye where it is and is not allowed to color by using rubber bands or strings to tie the fabric into sections. You can tie-dye shapes and patterns in your fabric. Learn how to create a peace sign in a few steps. Tie-dying is an easy process, but a messy one. Be prepared to not only make a mess, but also have fun.


Step 1

Wash the T-shirt with hot water and soda ash fixer according to the manufacturer's instructions. Do not dry.

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Step 2

Cover the work surface with the plastic tablecloth.

Step 3

Lay the T-shirt flat on the tablecloth.

Step 4

Mark 1-inch lines on the bottom side seams of the T-shirt.

Step 5

Fold the shirt in half and line up the lines of the shirt. Fold the shirt so that the tag is on your left and the front of the shirt is on your right.


Step 6

Draw a half-circle on the left side of the shirt. The circle should start and end on the fold.

Step 7

Draw the center line of the peace circle down the center of the circle with the washable markers. The line will be right on the fold.


Step 8

Draw one of the arms of the peace sign from the center of the fold line to the side of the circle at a 45-degree angle.

Step 9

Fold the section of the shirt that has the half-circle on it. Each fold should be about 1/2-inch sections. Fold only this section for now.


Step 10

Wrap a rubber band around the folded section of the T-shirt. Place the rubber band on the marker that makes up the half-circle.

Step 11

Flip the shirt onto the other side.

Step 12

Fold the straight line section of the T-shirt. Before you add a rubber band, make sure it is aligned with the first folded section.


Step 13

Wrap the rubber band to secure this section.

Step 14

Add two or three rubber bands beneath your first two rubber bands. These will become rings around your peace sign when you dye it.


Step 15

Smooth out the first folded section so that you can see the line that you drew. Fold this section toward the other rubber bands. Fold it into two separate sections similar to pigtails. Secure both at the base with a rubber band.


Step 16

Pour the soda ash into the bucket. Follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Step 17

Dip the T-shirt into the soda ash.

Step 18

Ring the shirt out after it is completely saturated in the soda ash.


Step 19

Place the wire rack inside of the plastic container. Lay the T-shirt on the rack. When it is finished washing, wash it again with 1/4 cup of the strong detergent and 1/4 cup of regular detergent.

Step 20

Put on plastic gloves. Cover each of the sections of the T-shirt with a different color of dye. Let the T-shirt sit for 12 to 18 hours on the rack.

Step 21

Wash the T-shirt with hot water and a very strong laundry detergent. Cut off the rubber bands.

Step 22

Wash the T-shirt again with 1/4 cup of the strong detergent and 1/4 cup of regular laundry detergent.

Step 23

Remove from the washing machine and allow the T-shirt to dry.


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