Plow-Mounting Instructions for the Farmall Super A

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Hitching a plow to a Farmall Super A is less laborious than with many other tractors.

The Farmall Super A tractor succeeded the popular Farmall A in 1947. The Super A continued in production until 1954, by which time 107,636 had been manufactured. What makes the model "Super" is its live hydraulic system, which replaced the earlier lift technology powered by exhaust. Some models are outfitted with the Hydra Creeper attachment, which utilizes the hydraulic motor to power the tractor, allowing the Super A to operate at ultra-low speeds. Its 4-cylinder engine can be powered by gasoline or kerosene. At 71.1 inches long and 2,400 pounds, the Farmall Super A is ideally suited to plowing.


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Step 1

Check the plow before attaching. Confirm that it is a one- or two-bottom plow, since the Farmall Super A has an estimated horsepower under 20. Any more cutting blades on the plow will require a more powerful tractor.

Step 2

Start the tractor and confirm that the main drive clutch is engaged. The mounting of the hitch should be powered by the engine, not the hydraulic motor.


Step 3

Sink the hitch so that it is level with the plow's prongs, using the crank behind the operator seat. Ideally, the implement prongs should be low to the ground.

Step 4

Back the tractor up slowly until the prongs plug securely into the socket. No lynch pins are required with this apparatus, which locks automatically. When finished plowing, disengage the hitch latches and drive off.


Make sure your controls are all in neutral prior to starting the tractor.


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