How to Protect the Wall From a Trash Can Lid

Things You'll Need

  • Scrap foam pieces

  • Utility knife

  • Staple gun

Use foam chunks to line the side of the wall near trash can storage areas.

If you store trash cans next to your home's walls and accidentally ding the walls with the trash can lids, use some simple methods to prevent the lids from marring the wall surface. This technique works for indoor and outdoor trash can storage. Adding a thin layer of extruded polystyrene foam, like Styrofoam, to the wall prevents the lids from marring the wall. Be sure to use the polystyrene instead of open-cell foam like that found in camping sleeping pads. The closed-cell polystyrene will not absorb odors from the trash can but the open-cell foam will.


Step 1

Lay the polystyrene foam on a flat work bench and cut out a rectangular-shaped sliver as long as the trash can lid. Trim the edges. Use the utility knife to cut and trim the polystyrene foam.

Step 2

Hold the polystyrene foam piece against the wall where the trash can lid opens and closes. Open the lid and place the polystyrene piece where the lid meets the wall. Use the staple gun to attach the polystyrene to the wall.

Step 3

Test the barrier by opening and closing the lid as you normally do. Ensure the lid hits to polystyrene and not the wall.


Step 1

Open the cabinet or housing where you store the trash can, such as under the kitchen sink or closet. Remove items in the way. Measure out the size of the lid and the cut out two pieces of polystyrene foam 3 inches wider than the lid and as long as the trash can mouth.

Step 2

Staple gun one piece to the back of the cabinet or closet where the trash can rests. Staple the other piece to the side wall where the lid rests.

Step 3

Place the items back into the cabinet or closet and place the can and lid into the space. Test the polystyrene by putting the lid on the can as you normally would.