How to Replace a Toilet Spud

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Things You'll Need

  • Pipe wrench

  • Spud

  • Spud washer

  • Caulk

Toilet spuds connect the tank to the bowl.

Toilet spuds connect the toilet tank to the bowl so that water flows through the two pieces without leakage. In some toilets, the spud consists of two parts: the metal or plastic spud and the spud washer. The spud has two threaded ends, one of which goes into the tank outlet and the other of which sits inside the bowl intake. The spud washer seals the seam between the two parts. In other toilets the tank's porcelain protrudes from the outlet and only a spud washer sits between the tank and bowl.


Step 1

Turn off the toilet water supply. Unscrew the tank intake pipe. Loosen the old spud locknut with a pipe wrench. If your toilet does not have a spud, simply lift the toilet tank off the bowl after unscrewing the tank intake pipe.

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Step 2

Lift the toilet tank off the bowl and empty the tank's water in a sink or bathtub drain. Untwist the old spud and washer from the tank. Push the spud in with the palm of your hand to loosen it if necessary.


Step 3

Screw a new spud onto the tank outlet and tighten with a pipe wrench. Slide a new spud washer onto the spud with the protruding end facing the tank.

Step 4

Caulk the spud washer under the protrusion so that it makes contact with the toilet bowl when you replace the tank.


Step 5

Set the tank onto the bowl carefully and tighten the spud locknut with a pipe wrench. Screw in the tank intake pipe. Allow the caulk to set for 24 hours prior to use.


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