How to Kill Water Beetles in a Pool

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Things You'll Need

  • Dip net

  • Plastic bag

Several types of water beetles often end up in swimming pools. The water scavenger beetle has triangular yellow markings on the sides of the abdomen and usually swims near the bottom of shallow pools. The oval whirligig beetle has brownish yellow legs and often swim in circles. While other water beetles swim by alternating their leg movements, the diving beetle moves its legs together like oars. These beetles die quickly once they leave the water.


Step 1

Fish water beetles out of the pool water using a dip net with a long handle. Also remove leaves and other debris that can hide water beetles. Wait until it gets dark because water beetles tend to gather around light sources, making it easier for you to catch them.

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Step 2

Place any water beetles you collect in a plastic bag and seal it. They usually die not long after you remove them from water, so you rarely need to use insecticide.


Step 3

Remove any water beetles, bugs and debris from the swimming pool every day and keep the pool clean. Maintain the filtration system and treat the swimming pool with chlorine regularly. Removing plant materials from the pool makes the area unattractive to herbivorous bugs and beetles, such as water scavenger beetles. This, in turn, makes the pool unappealing to predaceous beetles, such as whirligig beetles and diving beetles.


Cover the pool when not in use. Empty children's pools when you are not using them to prevent beetles from living in them. If you have to leave for two weeks or longer, get someone to provide regular swimming pool maintenance to prevent a water beetle infestation.


Adding insecticides or too much chlorine to the pool water to kill water beetles can harm humans and non-target animals.



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