How to Use UV Light to Dry Paint

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Things You'll Need

  • UV lamp

  • UV eye goggles

The ultraviolet light from a UV lamp helps to dry paint in just a few minutes.

Drying paint takes time. The odor of paint fumes is also a problem; it can linger for days. Scientists have discovered that ultraviolet (UV) light dries objects at a much faster rate. This is important for industrial paint jobs, but it is also useful for home-based projects.


Step 1

Place the UV lamp about 2 feet from the object with the wet paint. This is a general rule because the distance of the UV lights depends on the type of paint used. Read the owner's manual for guidelines on how far to place the UV light. If you don't have the owner's manual, go to the manufacturer's website for instruction.


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Step 2

Put on safety goggles that protect the eyes from UV light. Looking into UV rays can damage the eyes and lead to vision loss.

Step 3

Turn the UV lamp on for a few minutes. It takes just minutes to dry paint with a UV lamp.


Step 4

Rotate the object or the UV lamp so that all surfaces of the painted object get the same amount of ultraviolet light.

Step 5

Turn off the lamp and remove the eye goggles.


Buy a UV lamp that is suitable for drying the type of paint and object you are using.


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