How to Make Glass Sculptures

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Things You'll Need

  • Safety Goggles

  • Gloves

  • Glass torch

  • Glass Sticks

  • Kiln

  • Graphite Poles

  • Graphite Paddles

  • Glass Tweezers

  • Clean Workspace

Sculpting is a creative way for self-expression.

Glass sculpting is a very artistic way to bring out your home decor. This is a very creative, yet dangerous way to express yourself. Here is a how-to-guide on the basic steps of creating and completing glass sculptures. Take the necessary steps to protect yourself.


Step 1

Gather ideas for the figure or shape, and the colors you want to sculpt. Interior magazines, DIY channels, and some arts and craft stores may help you decide.

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Step 2

Cut out the picture of the design or figure you are about to create out of a magazine, or print one offline, just to have for an image guide.

Step 3

Choose a clean and spacious area to sculpt. This area needs to be flat. Make sure it is free of all other flammable items.

Step 4

Cover your hands in protective gloves and put on your eye goggles.


Step 5

Cover your arms in long sleeves. You may want to wear an apron also.

Step 6

Light the glass torch.

Step 7

Start with a piece of glass of your choice. Hold the glass on one tip, touching as little as the glass as possible.


Step 8

Put the other end of the glass into the torch's flame.

Step 9

Swirl the stick in the flame until you have a ball of glass. The stick figure will deteriorate.

Step 10

Use graphite paddles to create your base after ball(s) are created. Press down firmly on the heated balls of glass to make a base for your sculpture(s).


Step 11

Heat more glass sticks to form balls, and join them with the base.

Step 12

Preheat your kiln to 1400-1500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 13

Form your glass sculpture by using your glass tweezers. You will need to pull the hot glass with these. Use the graphite poles for the sculpting.


Step 14

Return to kiln and place your finished sculptures in it. Make sure the heat is reduced 90 degrees every hour. This way the glass will not crack.

Step 15

Wait until cool.


Clean up work area carefully after finished. There can be residue of glass left.


Avoid sculpting with any other flammable material close by. Protect skin and eyes during the procedure. Make sure no children are near during this procedure.


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