How to Replace the Pull Chord on Your Leaf Blower

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Things You'll Need

  • Hex wrench

  • Flathead screwdriver

  • New recoil rope

  • Scissors

Fraying or snapping of the pull cord is common.

As your leaf blower ages, the starting cord may become damaged. Fraying or snapping of the cord is common; however, there is no need to replace the entire starting recoil. Replacing just the rope can get you back to work. This procedure can be done in a short amount of time with only a few tools and does not require extensive skill.


Step 1

Place blower on its side, with the starting recoil facing up.

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Step 2

Remove the four hex screws that mount the starting recoil to the blower housing.

Step 3

Turn over starting recoil. Remove the screw that holds the rope housing pulley in place. Carefully remove the pulley. There is a spring directly under the pulley that must stay in place. If you feel any tension, softly rocking the pulley can free it from the underlying spring.

Step 4

Remove the old rope from the pulley — be observant of the direction you unwind the remaining cord for re-installation. The rope has a knot on the inside of the pulley, simply pull rope out by pulling on the knot. Remove the rope from the starting handle. Separate the starting handle into two pieces, using the screwdriver. Cut the knot off of the rope and pull the excess out.


Step 5

Cut a new piece of rope. If the rope is broken, lay down the two busted pieces and measure from that — cut 6 to 8 inches of extra rope. Push one end of the rope through the eye located on the inside of the pulley and tie a small knot on the end, cutting off any excess of rope. Do not wind rope yet.


Step 6

Place the free end of rope through the eye in the starting recoil assembly. Reattach starting handle by feeding the rope through the eye and tying a knot, cutting off any excess. Reassemble handle.

Step 7

Wind the rope on the starting pulley in the opposite direction of how it was removed. Reinstall the drum with the flathead screwdriver. Reattach starting handle by feeding the rope through the eye of the handle. Pull all the excess rope through until you feel pressure from the recoil spring, and then tie a knot in the handle, cutting off any excess.


Step 8

Reinstall recoil starting assembly back on to the side of the blower housing using the four hex screws. Start the blower to ensure proper installation.


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