How to Align a New Toilet Flange

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Things You'll Need

  • Straightedge

  • Marker

  • Drill

  • Screwdriver drill bit

  • 3 anchor screws

  • 2 retaining bolts and nuts

  • Adjustable wrench

  • Wax ring

Toilets normally sit at a 90-degree angle from the wall.

Toilets are simple structures. The connection a toilet maintains to the floor or ground is through two retaining bolts that sit in the toilet flange. The flange provides the stability for the toilet by anchoring to the floor with three retaining screws. Placement of a new toilet flange requires identifying the proper angle for the toilet. The process is a simple matter using a straightedge set on top of the flange to gauge the angle.


Step 1

Press the flange into place on the open drain hole. Slide the two retaining bolts used to connect the flange to the toilet into the long channels along opposite sides of the flange. Push the bolts until they sit in the back of the channels.

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Step 2

Place a straightedge tool, such as a level or scrap block of wood, on top of the flange so that the two retaining bolts are flush with the same side of the tool. The straightedge represents the angle of the toilet.

Step 3

Rotate the flange until the straightedge is parallel to the wall for toilets that will sit at 90 degrees to the wall. Adjust the position of the flange as desired for toilets that will not sit square with the wall. Remove the straightedge.

Step 4

Mark the location of the screw holes in the flange. Drive anchor screws through the screw holes into the flooring. Cement and tile floors require the use of masonry drill bits to drill pilot holes before driving cement anchor screws through the flange and into the floor. Use the marks to drill the pilot holes for cement and tile floors.


Step 5

Install the toilet. Press the wax ring onto the base of the toilet so that the rubber gasket points down and away from the toilet. Lower the toilet onto the vertical retaining bolts. Attach the washers and nuts for the retaining bolts. Wiggle the toilet slightly so that the wax ring fully seats. Tighten down the nuts with an adjustable wrench until the toilet does not move.


New toilets come with instructions for installation of the specific unit. Step 5 outlines general toilet installation. Follow the instructions specific to your unit for proper installation.


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