How to Tie Sliding Knots

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The sliding knot is a good way to finish necklaces without a clasp.

Sliding knots, or slip knots, are good to use with homemade necklace and bracelet designs because they give the piece flexibility. You don't have to add a closure, just a sliding knot, to open and close the piece. It can also be adjusted while you are wearing it to make it shorter or longer. The sliding knot is a good technique to know when you are doing satin cording or leather work.

Step 1

Loop your cord in a circle. Grab the left cord, Cord A, about 5 inches from the end and bend it backward so that it folds back on itself. At the top of your circle, you should see three cords; the cord on the left (Cord A), the cord on the right (Cord B) and the cord that was folded back (Cord C).

Step 2

Wrap Cord C around Cord A and Cord B four times from front to back and right to left.

Step 3

Pass Cord C through the wrapping from left to right. It should be sticking out on the right side of the wrapping. Pull both ends to tighten.

Step 4

Turn the whole piece over. Repeat the wrapping procedure on the other side.

Step 5

Trim the ends of the cords about 1/2 inch from the knot.