How to Cook Asparagus in a Steamer

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Things You'll Need

  • Lidded pot

  • Vegetable steamer basket

Steaming asparagus is the fastest method to cook this spring vegetable. Steaming only requires a small amount of water to come to a boil, which happens faster than a pot of water or boiling the asparagus. When you steam asparagus, you lock in the bright green color, flavor and nutrients of the vegetable, and the chances of overcooking are decreased. Never serve limp, gray, overcooked asparagus again; steam it to crisp, tender perfection for a vegetable that even the kids will love.


Step 1

Bring 2 inches of water to a boil in a lidded pot.

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Step 2

Rinse the asparagus and remove the tough bottoms where they naturally break when you bend the stalk.


Step 3

Add the asparagus to the steamer basket and place it into the pot so the water does not touch the basket.


Step 4

Cover the pot and steam the asparagus for two to eight minutes or until bright green in color and crisp, tender in texture.


Step 5

Remove the steamer from the pot as soon as the asparagus has finished cooking and serve immediately.


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