How to Word a Royal Birthday Invitation

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You may want to use a fancy script for your royal invitation.

A themed birthday party is always a memorable event. One way to alert your guests that the party will have a theme is by sending out an invitation that captures the essence of the party you are planning. For a royal-themed birthday, your invitation should look regal and incorporate the color scheme you'll use. In addition, it should be worded elegantly. Guests will be eagerly awaiting your grand event once they read their invitation.


Step 1

Write down all the information that your invitation needs to have, including date, time and place.

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Step 2

Begin your invitation by announcing the event in formal language. You may try something like, "The Court of (your last name) formally invites you to Princess (child's name) royal birthday celebration. The grand fete will take place at Castle (insert name of place) on (insert date and time, such as) the fifth of June at 12 noon. The honor of your presence is requested. Regrets only."


Step 3

Write a few alternative versions of the invitation. Maybe another version starts with, "Hear ye! Hear ye! Her Royal Majesty (insert child's full name) is turning 5 years old. She requests your presence at her birthday celebration, Saturday the fifth of June at 12 noon, for high tea."


Step 4

Decide which wording you like best. Double-check to make sure all the necessary information has been included.

Step 5

Create your invitation on your home computer or take it to a professional to have it designed and printed.


If this invitation is for a younger child, you may want to rhyme the wording.

If you want your guests to dress up for the event, mention that as well.

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