How to Make a Fork Costume

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Get your Halloween DIY on with a fork costume that's, well, so forking cute! Whether your kiddo is all about Disney "Forky" character cosplay from ‌Toy Story 4‌ or you're just searching for a creative complement to a not-so-spooky utensil-themed couples costume, this super-simple holiday craft is a personalized alternative to what you'll find in the retail and e-tail stores.


The dish ran away with the spoon. More specifically, the dish ran away with the spoon costume is your family's Halloween must-have this year, and now you need a unisex, women's, men's or kid-size fork. You're in luck. We've got you covered with an easy and artsy how-to tutorial.

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Video of the Day

And don't worry if you're not exactly on a Martha Stewart, Pinterestingly proficient crafting level. We don't believe Halloween costumes require a BFA in fashion design to create them!

Things You'll Need

  • Cardboard

  • Markers

  • Scissors

  • Newspapers or garbage bag

  • Metallic silver craft paint

  • Thick paintbrush

  • Silver ribbon

  • Gray sweatpants and sweatshirt

  • Silver Halloween face makeup

Open the cardboard box to create a single layer

The bigger the person, the bigger the box. This DIY isn't a one size fits all project. You'll need enough continuous cardboard space to create a deluxe shin-to-head fork costume. In other words, the old kitchen appliance boxes that are taking up space in your basement will work well for tall men's costumes, but you may only need medium-size TV boxes for toddler costumes.


Remove the tape or undo the glue to flatten the box completely. When you've worked out the kinks and corners enough to get a flat surface, you're ready to start getting crafty!

Draw a fork outline

Imagine a fork fell down the rabbit hole (in ‌Alice In Wonderland‌, of course) and was suddenly super-size. Now, you have an adult fork costume picture in mind to work with. If you're creating the utensil alternative to scary costumes for your littles, scale down the size to fit your child's height.


Use markers and start at the top of the board. Draw thick fork tines and a roundish or oval-shaped surface underneath. Your head will go here, so make sure there is plenty of room for your face to peek through. Move down the board and draw a thinner (not thin) handle. An overly narrow handle may fall off or leave you feeling kind of exposed.


Cut out the fork

Grab your scissors and go! Cut out the outline of the fork. One-size adult costumes will require more elbow grease than baby costumes or toddler costumes.

Draw a face space

It doesn't matter whether you're making women's costumes, men's costumes or unisex utensil Halloween costumes—you need a spot in the face of this fork. Use a marker to draw a face-size circle just under the tines. Like the rest of this personalized crafty creation, you'll make a smaller face space for a child than for an adult.



Cut out the face space

Punch a hole in the center of the circle with the scissors. Cut outward until you reach the edge of the circle mark. Continue cutting around the line until you circle back around to the beginning. Now you have the perfect-size space for someone's face.


Paint the fork

Place the cardboard on top of newspapers, a garbage bag or anything else that can get magnificently messy. Coat the entire outside of the fork with silver paint. Don't move on to the next step until the paint is 100 percent dry—that is, unless you want to shine like a silver fork.



Instead of a silver fork, use white to make a ‌Toy Story‌-esque "Forky" character costume.

Add a head strap

It's time for costume accessories. The face space won't hold up the whole Halloween costume. Adult-size costumes (and ones for the kiddos too) need some type of added structure. A head strap can help to keep the rest of the costume from slipping.

Make a small slit on each side of the face space using your scissors. Thread a silver ribbon through each silver fork slit. Tie each ribbon around the cardboard to create two straps. You'll tie the straps together when you wear the costume.

Dress up the look

There's dressing on your fork! Or it's more like you'll need to dress before you can become a fork (and add your strappy costume accessories). Put on a gray sweatsuit, dab silver makeup on your face and tie the head strap of your deluxe DIY Halloween-party-ready creation.

And there you have it! When it comes to funny costumes, this fork takes the cake. Speaking of cake, if you're all in for group costumes with a ‌Top Chef‌ feel, add this forkin' adorable pick to a dessert ensemble and make your own wearable culinary creation.