How to Remove Dog Saliva Stains from Wood Furniture

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Things You'll Need

  • 3 percent hydrogen peroxide

  • Plastic wrap

  • Paper towel

  • White towel

  • Liquid detergent soap

  • Water

Doggy saliva is easy to clean if you act quickly.

Your dog loves hanging out on your furniture. Unfortunately, that means his saliva does as well. Fresh saliva is easy to clean with a wipe down with a moist cloth soon after it occurs. However, pet messes can be hard to keep up with (or notice). If the saliva isn't cleaned up while it is still wet, it can leave a hard coating on your wood furniture. Luckily, these protein stains are relatively easy to remove with a bit of hydrogen peroxide.


Step 1

Moisten a paper towel with hydrogen peroxide.

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Step 2

Place the moistened paper towel on the saliva stain.

Step 3

Secure it to the furniture with cling plastic wrap.

Step 4

Place a white, folded towel over the plastic wrap so that the paper towel is completely covered. Hydrogen peroxide decomposes when exposed to light, becoming plain old water.

Step 5

Leave the towel in place for five minutes.


Step 6

Remove the towel, cling wrap and paper towel.

Step 7

Scrub the area in the direction of the wood's grain with a fresh towel moistened with hydrogen peroxide.

Step 8

Wash the area with soapy water.


Step 9

Dry the area with a towel.

Step 10

Repeat the application of hydrogen peroxide if necessary, then polish the wood.


Test the use of hydrogen peroxide on an inconspicuous spot on your furniture before using it to clean the dog saliva stain.


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