How to Repair Drywall Cracks on Textured Walls

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Things You'll Need

  • Stiff putty knife

  • Soft-bristled brush

  • Caulking gun

  • Paintable caulk

  • Paintbrushes or rollers

  • Latex primer

  • Spray-on drywall texture to match your wall

  • Paint matched to your wall

Use a stiff putty knife to scrape texture and apply caulk.

A combination of careful tooling and paint matching allows drywall repair to conceal cracks on textured walls. If the finished appearance of the filled crack approximates the original texture, a coat of precisely matched paint blends the blemish with its surrounding surfaces. Use the right tools and procedure to repair drywall cracks on textured walls, and you can create a fix that nearly matches your wall's original appearance.


Step 1

Scrape along the entire length of the crack with a stiff putty knife. Remove paint, texture and drywall mud until you reach the drywall paper. Scrape an area approximately 1 1/2 inches wide on both sides of the crack to create a channel approximately 3 inches wide along the crack's entire length. Clean dust and debris from the scraped areas with a soft-bristled brush.


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Step 2

Load a tube of paintable caulk into a caulking gun, cut the tube's tip and puncture the tube's seal. Apply a bead of caulk into the crack along its entire length. Smooth the bead of caulk with a stiff putty knife. Allow the caulk to cure according to the manufacturer's recommendations.


Step 3

Apply a layer of latex primer over the crack, the cleared area and the seams between the cleared area and intact wall texture. Use a paintbrush or roller to apply primer to the repair area. Allow the primer to dry.


Step 4

Open a can of spray-on drywall texture, attach the can's hose, and puncture the can's seal. Spray the texture along the cleared area, lightly blending the spray-on texture with the intact wall texture. Allow the texture to dry.


Step 5

Apply a coat of primer to the new drywall texture with a brush or roller. Allow the primer to dry. Apply a coat of matched paint to the repair area, blending with the intact wall surfaces. Allow the paint to dry prior to applying additional coats.


Paint changes color as it dries; do not judge your paint job until it has fully dried.

Repaint the entire wall to ensure that your repair area doesn’t stand out.



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