How to Remove Tiger Stripes From Gutters

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Things You'll Need

  • Gutter cleaning solution

  • Spray bottle

  • Garden hose

  • Stiff brush

Choose a warm, sunny day to clean your gutters.

Tiger-striped gutters are dirty and look unsightly. Tiger stripes on gutters are caused from particles of algae, pollution, roofing material and dirt that stick to your gutters. The particles are left behind when water streaks down the gutters. Over time the particles build up and cause black streaks on gutters that look like the stripes of a tiger.


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Step 1

Purchase a cleaning product safe to use on gutters like Gutter Brite or a household degreaser like Purple Power. Dilute household degreasers with equal parts of water, then pour into a spray bottle for easier application.

Step 2

Pick an inconspicuous area of your gutter to test your cleaning solution. Wet the area with water, then spray the cleaning solution on the area. Let the solution set for two minutes, then scrub with a stiff brush. Rinse the area with water. Choose a different cleaning product and retest if the paint was removed from the area or the tiger stripes remain. Proceed if you are satisfied with the results of your cleaning product.


Step 3

Spray your home and surrounding areas with water from a garden hose to prevent the cleaning solution from sticking to them. Hose down the gutters with water.

Step 4

Work in sections to clean the entire gutter. Spray your cleaning solution onto the gutter. Let the solution set for about two minutes. Scrub the gutter with a stiff brush until the tiger stripes are removed. Spray the area with water. Repeat until the entire gutter is cleaned and no tiger stripes remain.


Step 5

Spray the entire area with water, including the gutters, house and surrounding areas to remove any cleaning solution residue. Let surfaces air dry.


Use A-frame ladders to protect your gutters because they do not need to lean on them when in use.


Be extra careful when working on ladders and employ assistance.