How to Fold Towels Military Style

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Folding towels military style can be done in just a few simple steps.

Efficiency and consistency are trademarks of the military. Even the smallest details are not overlooked in the military and there is a procedure for everything – including folding towels. Folding towels military style calls for neat folds, straight edges and no wrinkles. If you want to be sure to pass your next barracks inspection or just want to implement military precision in your own home, folding towels military style is simple by following a few easy instructions.


Step 1

Lay the towel on a flat surface with the seams facing up. The width, or shortest side, of the towel should be closest to you.

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Step 2

Use the palm of your hand to smooth out any wrinkles.


Step 3

Fold each side, or length, of the large towel into the center so that the edges meet in the middle. Fold the towel in half the long way at the center line where the edges meet. Take the top third of the towel and fold it downwards. Fold the bottom third up over the folded portion.

Step 4

Utilize military style folds on smaller towels, or hand towels, by folding the edges of the towel in thirds, one side over the other. Fold the length of the towel in half.



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