Getting "Goo Gone" Out of a Carpet

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Goo Gone works well for removing gum and lipstick from your carpeting, but can leave a residue.

Whether you've just finished using Goo Gone to remove something from your carpet, or have -- oops -- accidentally spilled Goo Gone, the oily residue it leaves behind can be annoying. After all, it's designed to solve problems such as gum and half-chewed candy, not be the problem itself. In either case, it will take a little elbow grease to make the Goo Gone vanish without a trace from your carpeting.


Step 1

Press a paper towel over the Goo Gone-soaked area to soak up as much of the Goo Gone as possible. Use several more paper towels, if necessary. Continue until no more liquid comes up.

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Step 2

Combine a dime-sized amount of dish soap with warm water in a bowl. Dip the rag into the bowl and wring it out. Scrub the area with soapy water until the Goo Gone residue has been removed.

Step 3

Pour a cup filled with water over the area to rinse out the soap. Repeat if soap bubbles still remain.

Step 4

Blot the carpet with two or three more paper towels until the spot is damp. Allow the carpeting to air dry for four to five hours.

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