How to Dress for a Masquerade Party

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Whether you're planning a celebration with a masquerade theme, or have been invited to a masquerade costume party, you'll want to make sure that you look your best for the occasion. Learning a few tips for putting together an eye-catching outfit for the masquerade party will impress the other guests and make the get-together much more enjoyable for you.


You can dress for a masquerade party.

Things You'll Need

  • Leotard

  • Glitter

  • Fancy Mask

  • Black leggings, slacks, dress pants or jeans

  • Synthetic pearls

  • Glue

  • Ball gown

  • Feathers

  • Black shirt

Mask-Centered Masquerade Outfit

Select Formal Attire for Your Masquerade Outfit

Choose your best formal black clothing to create your outfit for the masquerade party; black leggings, slacks, dress pants or jeans, and a black shirt that matches the weather and location of the party. For instance, if the party is outdoors in the summer, a black tank top is best.


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Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to prepare for the party. Try not to wait until the last minute to have the clothing cleaned and pressed for this very special formal occasion.

Choose a Fine, Colorful Masquerade Mask

Purchase a masquerade ball mask that features elaborate colors or designs. For instance, a mask with three or four bright colors like turquoise, red or purple will definitely stand out against your black clothing is a fine choice for your masquerade party outfit.


Or select a mask with an attractive color but even more appealing shape, like a mask in red complements black clothing well, but can be shaped to cover half of your face vertically instead of the standard horizontal mask.

Fancy Features for Your Masquerade Mask

Add special features to your mask if the one you've purchased isn't quite fancy or flashy enough for the party. Glue feathers in the color of your choice around the mask border, or line the mask with a string of synthetic pearls in a bright, complementary hue. You can also apply glue to half of the mask and immerse the section with the glue in glitter for a sparkly evening effect.


Costume-Centered Masquerade Outfit

Decide Upon Your Style for the Event

Select a costume that matches the look you want. If you want to attend the party as an Elizabethan queen or princess, visit the local costume store for an elaborate gown with a full skirt and gold or silver accents. Or, if you're going as an animal, purchase a leotard that will further display your costume's theme, like a velvet black leotard for a panther.


A Mask That Won't Clash

Choose a mask that isn't too flashy, so that your costume will be especially noticeable. For instance, if you've chosen a queen costume and your dress includes metallic colors, select a bronze mask to wear to the ball.


Jazzing Up a Plain Masquerade Mask

Add a few more features (if desired) to the mask to complete your outfit for the masquerade party. For instance, to give your mask just a little more dazzle and ritzy appeal, roll it in glitter of the same color to make the mask a little more noticeable and elegant.



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