How to Fry Tortillas in Oil

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Things You'll Need

  • Skillet

  • Oil

  • Deep fry thermometer

  • Tongs

  • Paper towels

  • Cooling rack

Tortillas -- Mexican flat bread typically made from corn or wheat flour -- have a wide variety of uses. You can wrap meat, beans and rice in one to create a burrito or fill one with melted cheese and other fillings for a quesadilla. If you enjoy crispy, crunchy foods, fry your tortillas. You can either fry whole tortillas or cut them into smaller pieces to make tortilla chips.


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Step 1

Pour vegetable oil into a skillet until you have a layer between 1/2 inch to 1 inch deep. Heat the oil on high until it is at least 350 degrees Fahrenheit, but no more than 380 degrees. Reduce the heat under the skillet slightly.


Step 2

Place a single whole tortilla into the hot oil using tongs. If you are making tortilla chips, put in as many tortilla wedges as you can comfortably fit into the skillet without crowding them together. Flip the whole tortilla or tortilla wedges frequently with tongs until they puff up and achieve a light golden-brown color, then remove them from the hot oil.


Step 3

Place the fried tortilla or tortilla chips onto a layer of paper towels on a wire cooling rack. This allows the excess oil to drain off. As the oil drains, you can make another batch if you wish.


To make tortilla chips instead of a whole fried tortilla, stack several tortillas. Cut the stack in half, then cut each half into halves, thirds or quarters to make wedge-shaped pieces. Separate the pieces, then fry them as described.