How to Create a Duct Tape Bikini

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Things You'll Need

  • Model/assistant

  • Cloth bikini

  • Scissors

  • Colored duct tape

  • Soft jersey fabric

  • Shoelaces or some other fabric strings

  • Elastic

Use a cloth bikini as the guide for your duct tape bikini.

Duct tape has a variety of uses. It has come a long way since its original use for sealing duct work and repairing household items. One fun use for duct tape is to make clothing and other craft projects. There are contests for duct-tape clothing items, such as the duct-tape prom contest sponsored by Duck Brand duct tape. You can make a duct-tape bikini in a few hours using approximately two rolls of colored duct tape.


Step 1

Use a bikini that fits well and has a shape you like as a styling guide. Lay the jersey fabric over the bikini and cut out the shape of the bikini onto the fabric. Attach shoelaces or other strings to the cloth bikini so that it will stay on as you work. Attach the strings to the cups for shoulder straps and around the back to hold the bikini around the breasts. Attach a string to each hip for the bottom of the bikini -- similar to a string bikini.

Step 2

Have the model put on the fabric bikini. Duct tape over the fabric bikini. If you shape the bikini while it is being worn, it will conform to the model's curves.


Step 3

Wrap the fabric with duct tape. Wrap around the entire upper and lower torso at first. This helps provide structure. Wrap horizontally in one direction, then horizontally in the other direction. Finally, add vertical strips all around the bikini. Do not worry about adding shoulder straps at this point. Make a simple tube or corset shape.

Step 4

Add additional horizontal wrapping just below the breasts. This is where most of the support will come from and is very important.

Step 5

Remove the bikini from the model by cutting it at the hips and in the back. Take care not to cut her skin.


Step 6

Wrap the other side of the bikini with additional duct tape strips. Continue with the horizontal and vertical strip pattern. Leave the fabric exposed on the bottom portion of the bikini for comfort. Remove the strings from the bikini.

Step 7

Cut out the shape of the bikini that you want to have. Add duct tape strips around the edges of the bikini to eliminate ragged edges.

Step 8

Make bikini top straps by folding a long piece of duct tape into quarters. Cover the seam with an additional piece of tape. Tape each strap to the front of the bikini top.


Step 9

Sew a small strip of elastic to the end of each strap. Sew the other side of the elastic piece to the back of the bikini top. Sew a strip of elastic between the two sides of the bikini bottom along each hip edge. This will make it possible to take the bikini on and off.

Step 10

Put the bikini on the model and make any necessary fit adjustments. Add or remove elastic as necessary to provide a modest fit that will not pull up when the model raises her arms above her head.