How to Drill a Hole in Swanstone

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Things You'll Need

  • Grease pencil

  • Drill

  • 1/4-inch drill bit

  • Hole saw bit

An electric drill makes quick work of your Swanstone counter holes.

Swanstone is a resin-based building material, commonly used for the creation of countertops, shower walls and sinks. Most Swanstone products are marked with drill holes that show the locations for the installation of faucets and drains, but these openings still require drilling before installation can occur. Drilling through Swanstone is a fairly simple process, but if done without the proper tools and procedures, it tends to splinter or chip when cut. Doing it correctly, however, results in a clean clear hole that you can use to install whatever fixtures you wish to add.


Step 1

Determine the location on your Swanstone countertop where you wish to drill the hole. Many sinks already come with the holes marked by a small groove in the bottom of the countertop where faucets require installation.

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Step 2

Mark the center of the premarked hole with a pencil, or choose the center point of the hole you wish to create in the countertop and mark that point with your pencil instead.


Step 3

Attach a 1/4-inch drill bit to an electric drill. Place the drill bit over the pencil mark and turn on the drill. Apply pressure to the countertop with the drill, aiming straight at the countertop and drilling the hole through to the other side.

Step 4

Remove the bit and replace it with a hole saw bit the same size as the hole you wish to create. Place the tip of the bit into the hole you're already drilled. Start the drill and apply pressure to the hole saw bit to push the bit through the countertop, using the center hole as a guide to prevent the hole saw from sliding off the countertop. Continue to apply pressure to the drill until you've completed the hole. Remove the hole saw from the countertop and wipe away any residue.


Wear safety goggles and a face mask as protection from flying shards and counter particles.


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