How to Build a Smoke Filter

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Things You'll Need

  • Toilet paper roll

  • Fabric Softener Sheet

  • Rubber band

Homemade cigarette filter.

Smoking cigarettes is an expensive habit for millions of people around the world. The average cost of a cigarette pack is $5.50 as of 2010. Consecutively smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, averages to $165.00 a month. Accessories regularly used while smoking cigarettes are expensive as well. Creating a homemade smoke filter is a start to reduce unnecessary expenses. Cigarette smoke filters are used to prevent second hand smoke affecting others and remove smoke odors from the area.


Step 1

Set the toilet paper roll on a flat hard surface in the upright position. Positioning the toilet paper roll in this position gives an easier viewpoint while creating the project.

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Step 2

Fold the fabric softener. Folding the fabric softener sheet makes the filter stronger; weak smoke filters can not handle a decent amount of smoke. Bi-fold the fabric softener sheet into a square shape.

Step 3

Insert the fabric softener sheet into the opening of the toilet paper roll. Leave 2 inches of the fabric softener sheet to cover the outer part of the toilet paper roll. Hold the the fabric softener sheet onto the toilet tissue role your finger tips.

Step 4

Wrap the rubber band around the fabric softener sheet to secure it. Center the rubber band over the fabric softener sheet, which secures the fabric sheet to the toilet tissue role.


Step 5

Test the cigarette smoke filter. While smoking the cigarette, blow the smoke through the open end of the tissue roll, where the fabric sheet is not attached. The fabric softener eliminates the smell of smoke in the room that is caused by the cigarette.


To reuse the smoke filter, apply a new fabric softener sheet.


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