How to Make a PVC Vole Bait Station

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Things You'll Need

  • 24 inches of 1/2-inch PVC tubing

  • Hacksaw

  • Standard "T" joint

  • End cap

  • PVC cement

Voles are members of the rodent family and live underground. They eat bark, roots and flower bulbs and can destroy your landscaping. The pine vole constructs a system of tunnels located an inch to two feet underground and spends nearly all its life there. Voles are scavengers that will take a bite of food and wait to see if it gets sick before continuing to eat. This is the reason bait stations must be used to allow the vole to eat and return to the bait, which will dispatch the rodent over a period of up to two weeks.


Step 1

Cut the 24-inch PVC pipe in half, using the hacksaw, then cut one of the remaining sections in half, leaving two 6-inch pieces and one 12-inch piece. Cut the ends of the two 6-inch sections at a 45-degree angle to help shield the opening from dirt when it is buried.

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Step 2

Clean PVC pipe and "T" joint to help with adhesion of the sections. Apply PVC glue to pipe and "T" joint and assemble the sections. Place the "T" joint upside down and fit the 12-inch section into the top and turn slightly until glue begins to hold. Fit 6-inch sections out the bottom, placing the 45-degree cuts facing down.


Step 3

Bury the PVC vole bait station where the lower section is aligned with the vole's tunnel. The angle created by the 45-degree cuts allows the bait station to be buried without the dirt filling the openings at each end. Hold the bait station straight with the opening straight up so the bait can be placed into the tunnel below. Use the cap to cover this opening to keep rainwater and debris from entering the bait station.


Follow the label when using any type of poison. Always wear gloves when cutting with hacksaw.


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