How to Turn Your Hose Into a Power Washer

Power washers are common today and are used to clean the sides of houses and buildings, cars, trucks, tires, high windows, etc. The pressure they give off can remove even the toughest residue and stains. Moving around a heavy pressure washer and taking it in and out of the garage can be a tiring job. One alternative is to turn your hose into a pressure washer. With just one attachment this task can be accomplished in no time and you can do your cleaning without having to lug around that heavy pressure washer.

Things You'll Need

  • Hose

  • Water jet

Step 1

Roll the hose out of the garage and turn it on to make sure it is working properly. Wait for the water to reach the end of the hose and make sure it is flowing out. Turn the hose off.

Step 2

Lay the end of the hose on the ground and fix a water jet attachment to the end of it. Cup the water jet on top of the end of the hose and turn it clockwise to tighten it. Secure it firmly and tighten until the attachment cannot turn anymore.

Step 3

Turn the water on the wait for it to reach the end of the water jet and begin coming out. Spray it to make sure it is working properly.

Step 4

Adjust the pressure of the hose by turning the the control valve in either direction. Turn off the hose once you have verified that everything is working properly.

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