How to Replace a Kidde Smoke Detector Battery

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A smoke detector is an invaluable safety feature for every home. In fact, if you have a larger home, an operating smoke detector should be on each level of the house. Having a smoke detector increases your family's chances of surviving a fire by as much as 50 percent. In order for your smoke detector to warn you of danger, it must be operational. If you own a battery-operated smoke detector manufactured by Kidde, you need to replace the battery every six to 12 months.


Step 1

Twist the Kidde smoke alarm cover counter-clockwise so that the locking tabs are released. Pull the smoke detector out from the mounting plate that holds it on the ceiling or wall.

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Step 2

Press the bottom portion of the battery door and then release. The door will open, giving you access to the battery.


Step 3

Remove the battery. Insert a new battery, making sure its positive/negative ends are positioned correctly by following the diagram on the battery door.

Step 4

Press the door shut. Place the holes on the back of the smoke alarm over the locking tabs on the mounting plate. Twist the smoke alarm in the clockwise direction to remount it to the ceiling or wall.

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