How to Get Rid of Air Bubbles in the Taps

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Cloudy water from the tap is safe to drink, though it may have a metallic flavor.

When the water from the tap begins to run cloudy or milky white it is because the water is infused with tiny air bubbles that give it the appearance of discoloration. In colder months, the water outside the pipes can hold more oxygen, so when it is pushed into warmer pipes inside a house, air bubbles appear. These bubbles, which are harmless, tend to dissipate on their own. However, there are a few methods that should do away with bubbles in the tap.


Step 1

Run the water for a few minutes. Running the water will flush out the air bubbles.

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Step 2

Increase the water velocity to flush out bubbles. If running the water in the affected tap doesn't work, increase water velocity by turning on multiple faucets — as many as possible. This increases the demand for water, and as more water is pushed through the pipes, air bubbles are flushed out quickly.

Step 3

Call the city or country. If the water doesn't clear up, a professional may need to check for a problem.


Fill a glass with the cloudy water and let it sit for a few moments. If the water clears, this means the bubbles are rising to the surface. If the water stays cloudy, contact the city or county.



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