How to Change a Skillsaw Table Saw Blade

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Things You'll Need

  • Arbor nut wrench, or any appropriate box-end wrench

  • Screwdriver

  • Heavy leather palm gloves

  • Shop brush or equivalent

The name Skilsaw is associated with every portable hand-held circular saw made by the Skil company. Originally named Skilsaw in 1926, the company literally invented the hand-held circular saw. Subsequently, the name Skilsaw became the generic name of any type of hand-held circular saw. Although Skil is a leader in portable electric saw technology, the company has used its experience to create and manufacture several sizes and types of Skilsaw table saws.


Step 1

Unplug your Skilsaw table saw from the wall socket.

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Step 2

Put on your heavy leather palm gloves and flip up the blade guard. Remove the saw blade insert throat plate by unscrewing the two screws that holds it using a screwdriver. Pull the plate up and out of the way.


Step 3

Raise the blade all the way up with the blade height adjustment control wheel, at the front of the saw. Remain at the front and grasp the blade with a gloved hand. Attach an arbor nut wrench, or any appropriate box-end wrench, onto the arbor nut and pull the wrench toward you to loosen the arbor nut.


Step 4

Unscrew the arbor nut with gloved fingers once it is sufficiently loosened by the wrench. Remove the nut and the flange washer that hold the blade on the arbor shaft. Pull the blade off, and place another one on in its place.

Step 5

Brush away any sawdust or wood pieces around the arbor nut shaft using a shop brush or the equivalent. Place the flange washer back onto the arbor shaft and hand-twist the arbor nut back into place.


Step 6

Tighten the arbor nut by once again grasping the blade while pushing the wrench away from you. When the nut has been tightened, replace the blade insert throat plate and put the blade fence back down.


New blades must be wiped down to remove any excess oil on the blade before installation. Never use a larger diameter blade than recommended for your type of Skil table saw.