How to Melt Scrap Copper Metal With a Torch

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Things You'll Need

  • Scrap copper

  • Bucket

  • Sand

  • Steel or iron cup

  • Torch

  • Metal spoon

  • Leather work gloves

  • Goggles

Scrap copper can be melted in order to create works of art or simply to pour into ingots for easier recycling. You can melt copper at home as long as you have a torch that is capable of reaching 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This project is fairly dangerous, and should not be attempted by children. It is best done outside far from anything flammable.


Step 1

Fill a large bucket with sand.

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Step 2

Push a heavy steel or iron cup deep into the sand. This acts as a crucible to melt the scrap copper in, and the sand provides a thermal barrier. Make sure the crucible is not pushed so far down into the sand that it is near the bottom of the bucket.


Step 3

Place a few pieces of scrap copper into the crucible.

Step 4

Ignite the torch and set it for the highest temperature. Wear work gloves and goggles for this. Tie back any loose hair or clothing.


Step 5

Evenly heat the copper in the crucible, moving the torch in slow, even strokes. Copper melts at nearly 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, so it will take some time.

Step 6

Slowly add additional pieces into the molten copper until you have the amount you need.

Step 7

Skim off the dross (impurities that rise to the top of molten metal) with a cheap metal spoon.


Use a heavy set of tongs to move the crucible and pour the copper into a mold. Even with gloves you should never touch the crucible.


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