How to Make Braided Bamboo

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Lucky bamboo attracts indoor gardeners because it's simple, elegant and relatively low-maintenance. The tall, vibrant green stalks complement modern, eclectic and serene spaces with ease. Braided bamboo is one of the most popular versions of this lucky little plant. Though nurseries charge more for braided stalks, you can avoid this added cost by braiding your bamboo at home.


Bamboo is a malleable plant.

Things You'll Need

  • 3 Established Bamboo Stalks

  • Pruning Snips

  • Twist Ties

Step 1

Find slender bamboo stalks that are already planted in the same planter. Bamboo often splits as it grows. A thick stalk with several 1/2-inch to 1-inch thick stalks works perfectly.


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Step 2

Prune away all but three of your stalks at the base. Choose three stalks 2 inches away from each other for braiding. If they are any closer or further apart, you'll damage the stalks when you try to braid them.

Step 3

Cross the right stalk over the center stalk, bringing the center stalk to the right. Bring the left stalk over the right stalk (now the center stalk) and bring the right stalk to the left. Continue braiding this way to about 4 inches before the tops of the stalks.

Step 4

Wrap a twist tie snugly, but not tightly, around the top of your braid. As the bamboo grows, the braid will thicken and fuse together.


If you can’t find three bamboo stalks potted together, pot three cuttings together in a triangle formation.



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