How to Angle Cut Plywood

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Things You'll Need

  • Saw horses

  • Plywood

  • Framing square

  • Straight edge

  • Safety glasses

  • Circular saw

Plywood is a common building material.

Plywood is made from a variety of materials. Because it is made from wood scraps that are glued together it is a cheap building material. In most cases homeowners cut plywood into strips or large rectangular pieces that are used in home or furniture building projects. Occasionally, plywood will need to be cut on an angle. Learning to cut plywood on an angle takes a bit more skill and time than cutting simple rectangular pieces.


Step 1

Set up two saw horses on a level area. Place the plywood on top of the saw horses.

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Step 2

Place a framing square on the corner of the plywood. If the plywood is cut at a true 90 degree angle the framing square should fit perfectly in the corner of the plywood. Determine the angle needed for the plywood cut. A 45 degree angle can be made by locating the center line between the two sides of the 90 degree framing square. Use the framing square and a straight edge to mark the desired angle on the plywood.

Step 3

Recruit a friend to hold the plywood in place on top of the saw horses while you cut it to size. Everyone in the room should be wearing safety glasses as the plywood is being cut.

Step 4

Cut the plywood along the marked angle line with a circular saw. Work slowly to ensure that you make a straight cut along the line.


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