How to Fold Dollars Into Roses

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Things You'll Need

  • 5 bills

  • Toothpick

  • Craft wire

  • Floral tape

Use crisp bills for easier folding.

Folding dollar bills into shapes is a fun way to keep your fingers busy or to impress your friends. The rose shape is among the more difficult of dollar bill origami projects, but it makes a beautiful gift and can be made from any denomination of bills.


Step 1

Place the bills in front of you lengthwise, and fold all five bills vertically down the center.

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Step 2

Unfold the bills and roll each corner at an angle around a toothpick to create the petals. This will create a point like an arrow on each end of the bill. Fold tightly around the toothpick so the bills do not unroll before you are finished. Don't worry about being exact with your angle since flower petals are not perfectly uniform.


Step 3

Cut five pieces of wire, twice the desired length of the stem. For a long-stemmed rose, use a total of about 18 inches. For a boutonniere-length stem, use about 5 inches.

Step 4

Flip the dollars over and place each wire along the vertical crease. Carefully fold the wire so the dollar crumples in on itself and creates a petal shape. The curled edges should be facing outward, and each half of the dollar represents one petal.


Step 5

Assemble the rose by stacking the petals on top of one another, like you would stack cups inside one another. Gather the wires in a stem as you go.

Step 6

Gently squeeze the petals together to make a tighter rose and hide the wire in the center.


Step 7

Twist the wires gently to form a stem. Take care not to rip the bills.

Step 8

Cover the stem with floral tape, starting at the top and wrapping the tape around the wire to the end. The sticky tape will adhere to itself.


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