How to Replace a Rain Bird 5000

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Things You'll Need

  • Hand trowel

  • Damp cloth

  • Thread seal tape

The Rain Bird 5000 sprinkler rotor is designed to distribute water evenly across medium to large lawns. Each 5000 allows you to install different spray nozzles into the pop-up head for a custom spray pattern across your yard. A damaged rotor from freezing temperatures, vandalism or age requires you to replace your Rain Bird 5000. Know where all cable and power lines are buried before digging in your yard when replacing your sprinkler rotor.


Step 1

Turn off the water to your sprinkler system at the shut-off valve that supplies the water to the Rain Bird 5000.

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Step 2

Dig the dirt and sod away from the existing rotor sprinkler. Use a hand trowel to carefully dig down to the water supply line where the sprinkler connects to avoid damaging the line.


Step 3

Clean out the hole around the existing Rain Bird 5000. When removing the rotor sprinkler, you don't want dirt to fall back into the hole and into the open water supply line.

Step 4

Twist the original Rain Bird 5000 from the water pipe counterclockwise. Carefully pull the rotor sprinkler from the line to avoid knocking dirt into the water line.


Step 5

Wipe any dirt from the threads on the water supply line with a damp cloth. Remove the old thread seal tape from the threads of the supply line.

Step 6

Wrap the supply line threads in new thread seal tape. Twist the replacement Rain Bird 5000 clockwise onto the supply line.

Step 7

Replace the dirt and sod around the replacement rotor sprinkler. Turn the sprinkler water supply on at the shut-off valve.


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