How to Test the Gas Regulator on a Grill

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Things You'll Need

  • Liquid dish soap

  • Small container

  • Brush

Test your gas regulator to ensure a successful barbecue.

The gas regulator on your grill controls the amount of pressured fuel that flows to your grill burners. If your grill is not burning properly, turn off the propane tank and disconnect the regulator hose from the burner line. Reconnect the hose and turn on the propane tank. This resets the regulator. It's a safe practice to test the gas regulator for leaks when replacing or resetting it. There are products available at home improvement centers for testing gas grill connections, but you can also make a simple testing solution at home. Testing the regulator for leaks prevents accidental fires.


Step 1

Mix an equal solution of liquid dishwashing soap and water in a small container.

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Step 2

Brush the solution liberally over the regulator hose connection at the burner lines and the connection to the tank.


Step 3

Turn the propane tank valve counterclockwise, slowly, to open the supply. Watch for bubbles at the propane tank connection. Slowly turn on one of the grill burners and watch for bubbles around the burner line connection. Tighten connections as necessary and retest until there are no visible bubbles when the gas supply is open.


Replace defective regulators that do not reset. There are no user adjustments on the regulator.



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