How to Remove Wax From Velvet

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A clothes iron and some paper towels make short work of spilled candle wax.

Candles and velvet usually go together quite well, especially during quiet, romantic evenings. Unfortunately, bringing them too close together can mean a ruined garment if you do not know how to get wax out of a delicate fabric like velvet. Most candles are made from paraffin wax, which melts at very low temperatures, between 125 to 165 degrees Fahrenheit. The wax can easily be removed from the velvet by melting it, and giving it a material to "wick" the wax up off of the fabric. A clothes iron and a few paper towels almost always do the trick.


Things You'll Need

  • Clothes iron

  • Paper towels

Step 1

Turn on the iron and set it at its medium-low temperature. If the iron has a steam setting, turn it off. Let the iron warm up.

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Step 2

Place the velvet on the ironing board with the wax stain centered on the board.


Step 3

Carefully pick off any large pieces of wax from the velvet with your fingers or fingernails. Be careful not to damage the velvet. The purpose in doing this is only to reduce the amount of wax that must be melted. If the wax is not easily removable, do not pick at it.

Step 4

Put three or four sheets of paper towels over the wax. Only one or two are needed to draw up the wax. The extra paper towels are to keep wax from getting on the iron.


Step 5

Press the iron lightly onto the paper towel, moving it back and forth against the wax stain for five to 10 seconds.

Step 6

Lift the paper towels from the velvet, and check the stain. If there is still wax on the velvet, place a wax-free area of the paper towels on the stain and repeat Step 5 .

Step 7

Continue to repeat steps 5 and 6, using fresh paper towels as necessary, until the wax has all been removed from the velvet.


If you do get wax on the iron, wipe it with a clean paper towel, or the wax will begin to smoke.



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