How to Clean Sticky Residue From Hardwood Floors

You might be tempted to use white distilled vinegar to clean up the sticky residue from your hardwood floor. While cleaning gurus often recommend white vinegar as a natural and nontoxic cleaning solution, it is a poor choice for your hardwood floors, as it can etch your floor's surface due to its acidic nature. Instead, look for cleaners made specifically for hardwood floors, avoiding oil- or wax-based cleaners that leave behind their own sticky residues.

Things You'll Need

  • Broom

  • Hardwood floor cleaner

  • Terry cloth rag

Step 1

Sweep up the area to remove any particles that might scratch your hardwood floor during the cleaning.

Step 2

Spray hardwood floor cleaner directly on the sticky residue.

Step 3

Wipe up the area using a dry terry cloth rag.


If you don't have a hardwood floor cleaner, try removing the sticky residue with a damp rag.


Lemon-based cleaners can etch your floors, the same as vinegar.