How to Cut Melamine Board Without Chipping the Edges

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Things You'll Need

  • Table saw

  • Melamine board

  • Melamine blade

  • Safety goggles

  • Protective gloves

  • Dust mask

  • Push stick

  • Dry cloth

Cutting melamine board can be a tricky process because the material is not moisture-resistant and its edges easily chip. If you are not careful while cutting melamine, you may lose the quality of its material and end up with jagged edges. To make sure you do not chip the edges while cutting the board, you can use a table saw equipped with a high-quality blade especially made for cutting melamine. This will make it easier for you to cut through the material and produce chip-free cuts.


Step 1

Align the table saw with the saw fence that is set parallel to the blade. This will make sure you create a clean cut that will not chip the sides of the melamine board.

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Step 2

Place the melamine board onto the surface of the table saw, making sure that its finished side is facing up.


Step 3

Set the melamine blade at about three-quarters of the the board's thickness. Wear safety goggles and protective gloves before you turn on the saw. Make sure you wear a dust mask to prevent inhalation of dust.

Step 4

Run the blade of the saw on the board and press it against the fence while you cut. Use a push stick once you near the board's end.


Step 5

Slow down the blade by powering it down, and flip the melamine board over as soon as the blade has completely stopped.

Step 6

Power on the saw again to feed the melamine board's opposite side through the blade. Wipe the entire surface with a dry cloth to remove all the dust after cutting.


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