How to Repair a Waltec Faucet

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Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver or Allen wrench

  • Large pliers

  • Waltec cartridge

If you want to repair a Waltec faucet, replace the cartridge in the handle. This includes the stem and washers, the two devices that turn on the water when you turn the handle. Usually, the small rubber washers in the cartridge wear out first, so replacing it refurbishes the faucet, returning it to a like-new condition. You don't need a plumber, just a few basic tools and parts.


Step 1

Turn off your water by shutting both valves underneath your faucet (typically located inside the cabinet and under the sink).

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Step 2

Take out the retaining screw on top of the handle. If your faucet handles have a plastic cover, remove it first by pulling it out by hand. Then turn the screw to the left with a screwdriver or Allen wrench, depending on the screw. Pull the handle off after the screw is out.

Step 3

Remove the locknut by loosening it with a large pair of pliers. Lift the cartridge and stem out of the faucet base by pulling them up and out. Take out the seat washer with the tip of the screwdriver.

Step 4

Insert a new seat washer into the faucet and set it into the washer hole. Install the replaceable cartridge on top of the washer and tighten the locknut with your pliers. Replace the handle and retaining screw.


Step 5

Test the faucet by turning on the water and operating it. If the leak still occurs, remove the handle and tighten the locknut some more, or check the cartridge and washer for damage and replace if necessary.


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