How to Make a Septic Tank Cover

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Things You'll Need

  • 2 feet plastic pipe, 1-inch diameter

  • U-bend, 1-inch diameter plastic pipe

  • Large plastic barrel

  • Electric or hand saw

  • Two large, sturdy door handles

Replacing a septic tank cover doesn't need to be a major construction project.

Septic tank covers, which sit atop a tank to protect it from excess moisture -- and you from unpleasant odors -- have been known to crumble and collapse into the tank. The worst-case scenario involves replacing an entire tank, which can cost thousands of dollars. If the structural integrity of the septic tank hasn't been compromised by a collapsed cover, however, you can create another concrete tank cover that will ensure that the bacteria in your tank continue to thrive and your septic system continues to function.


Step 1

Cut the bottom of the plastic barrel to create a large form about 1 foot deep. The form should be large enough to cover the entire septic tank opening, plus a few inches for overlap. Set the plastic pipe in the middle of the barrel, standing up vertically. The pipe will act as a vent for the tank.

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Step 2

Mix the cement according to the manufacturer's instructions. Pour it into the barrel to a depth of 4 to 6 inches.

Step 3

Place the handles on the top of the cement. The handles should be long enough extend at least 3 inches into the cement. Let the cement dry at least 24 hours. You should then be able to pick up the septic tank cover by the handles.


Step 4

Cut the barrel away from the concrete. Place the cover on top of the septic tank, making sure that it fits snugly over the top of the tank. Attach the U-bend to the top of the straight pipe that comes out of the cover. The U-bend will allow the tank to vent without collecting rainwater.


Choose a plastic barrel that's large enough to cover the septic tank opening. You may need to cut the middle of the tank and use a piece of plywood for the bottom part of the form.


Do not drop the septic tank cover. It will be quite heavy and can break -- or break other things -- if dropped.


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