How to Use a Pasta Pot

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Cooking pasta is easy when you use pasta pots.

A pasta pot is a device that many foodies use because it often makes cooking pasta simpler. A pasta pot consists of one large pot with a smaller pot that fits inside. This smaller pot has many small holes throughout, making it similar to a strainer. The idea behind a pasta pot is to eliminate the potentially dangerous action of pouring boiling hot water and pasta out of the pot and into the strainer, as the inner pot can do the straining for you. Pasta pots not only make cooking pasta and other food simpler, but they are easy to use as well.


Step 1

Place the strainer pot inside the large pot. Fill the pots with water.

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Step 2

Place the pot on the stove and bring the water to a boil. Carefully add your uncooked pasta to the water.

Step 3

Turn the stove off when the pasta is cooked to your liking. Gripping hot pads, grab the handles of the inner pot. Carefully and slowly lift the inner pot out of the outer pot. Allow the water to drain out of the inner pot as you slowly lift it up. Avoid pulling the inner pot out fast, as the water will come out with the pot, potentially causing injury to you and others around you. Empty the water left in the outer pot when it is cool.


Pasta pots can also be used to cook beans, lentils, hard-boiled eggs and other foods that require straining. Pasta pots are found at most vendors that sell cooking supplies.

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