How to Get the Wrinkles Out of a New Shower Curtain

Things You'll Need

  • Hot water

  • Dryer

  • Iron

Your shower curtain doesn’t have to have wrinkles.

No matter who uses them, most homeowners want their bathrooms to be clean and sanitary at all times. However, you might also care a great deal about the appearance of the bathrooms in your home. One of the focal points of a bathroom with a shower is your shower curtain. The shower curtain is often the first thing a guest sees upon entering the bathroom. After you buy a new shower curtain, you might notice how many wrinkles there are. Remove those wrinkles and improve the appearance of your curtain.

Vinyl Shower Curtain

Step 1

Hang up your new vinyl shower curtain and allow gravity to take out some of the wrinkles.

Step 2

Take a very hot shower. The combination of the steam from the shower and the gravity pulling down on the vinyl will help to remove the wrinkles.

Step 3

Move the spray of the shower so it hits the vinyl shower curtain directly. This will help speed up the process of removing the wrinkles.

Cloth Shower Curtain

Step 1

Put your new cloth shower curtain into your dryer on a low setting.

Step 2

Run the dryer for about 15 minutes.

Step 3

Iron the cloth shower curtain if the dryer did not take out all of the wrinkles. Be sure to check the label first to make sure you use the right iron setting. Most cloth shower curtains will need a very low setting.