Peerless Faucet Repair Instructions

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Things You'll Need

  • Allen wrench

  • Pliers or wrench

  • Towel

  • Replacement ball valve for Peerless faucets

To repair a Peerless faucets, you will use the same process used for several similar faucets made by other manufacturers. You will partially disassemble the faucet, so it helps to have some experience taking things apart. If you are a skilled handy person, this project takes about a half hour. Leave additional time if you are new to projects like this.


Step 1

Turn the water valve under the sink to the closed position.

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Step 2

Take off the handle to the Peerless faucet by removing the screw at the bottom of the handle with an Allen wrench. Slide off the handle after you remove the screw.

Step 3

Use pliers or the tip of a screwdriver to push the plastic washer under the handle (now on top of the faucet head) left to loosen it. Then push it back right to tighten it, reassemble the faucet and test it. This will correct leaks in some cases. If the leak persists, move on to the next step.


Step 4

Loosen the bonnet nut (small dome-shaped nut) on the faucet head with a pair of pliers. Drape a towel over the nut before gripping it with pliers to avoid scratching the part. Remove the nut after you loosen it.

Step 5

Remove the stem and ball valve, and pry out the two seat springs inside the faucet. Replace them with new seat springs, and then insert a new stem and ball valve. Only use parts made for your faucet model.


Step 6

Reassemble the faucet by attaching the plastic part and bonnet, and then slide the handle back on, insert the screw and tighten it. Turn on the water to test the faucet. If leaking persists again, disassemble and re-tighten the parts to secure the ball valve inside the faucet head.


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