How to Open a 3-Digit Lock on American Tourister Luggage

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Three-digit combination locks on American Tourister luggage pieces are set to 0-0-0 at the Samsonite factory. Each bag comes with instructions on how to set a personalized combination. If you remember the combo, simply roll the three dials until your combination shows, left to right. Listen for the click of the lock disengaging, and unzip your bag. If you've forgotten the numbers or want to reset the combination, you'll have to work a little harder.


Searching for Numbers

If the combination's not available, there's a chance you didn't set a new one when you first got the bag. Roll the dials to 0-0-0 to see if that's the case. If the bag opens, you can choose to keep this simple factory-set code or you can reset a new, personalized combination.


If the factory combo doesn't work, it's likely you set a combo at one time but forgot -- so do a little brainstorming. Your combo likely reflects something personal to you, such as an address, birthday or phone number. Roll the dials, trying any three-digit number that may mean something to you while listening for the click of the lock disengaging.


Lost Combination

After trying to crack the personalized code, you have two options and both are equally inconvenient. You can try every combination in the book, starting at 0-0-1 and going to 0-0-2, 0-0-3 and up. Your combo lock has 10 possible numbers to choose from on each dial -- 0 through 9 -- making for 1,000 possible combinations. But some locked-out owners have found success with this tedious method.


Your other option is to call American Tourister's 24-hour customer service hotline at 1-800-765-BAGS (2247). The representative can tell you where to find an authorized repair center that can help open the bag for you. Of course, you'll have to prove ownership by producing a receipt or warranty from the original purchase.


Resetting the Combo

Once you've cracked the code, you can reset the combo any time you'd like:

Step 1

Unlock the bag. Roll the dials so that your combo shows, left to right, to disengage the lock.


Step 2

Locate the resetting button or lever near the dials. The button may be small and recessed, requiring the tip of a pencil to push it, and the button or lever may be inside the bag.

Step 3

Push the button until you hear a click, or move the lever to the down position away from the dials. Hold the button or lever in this position.


Step 4

Roll the dials until your new, personalized combo is showing, left to right.

Step 5

Release the button or return the lever to its original position. Your new combo is now set.

Remembering Your Digits

You could write your combo down and keep it in your wallet, in your desk or with your passport, but paper can get lost. Instead, write an email to yourself and entitle it "American Tourister Combo." The next time you dust off your luggage, get your smart phone out and use your email's search feature for your combination. It'll always be right at your fingertips.


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