How to Weave With Plastic Bags

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Things You'll Need

  • Cardboard (slightly larger than your intended rug)

  • Scissors

  • Plastic garbage bags

  • Duct tape

Weave with plastic bags to make your own rug.

Weave a rug out of plastic bags for an inexpensive and creative custom look. Bags and a big piece of cardboard to shape the rug are the only supplies you'll need. Choose bags of different colors to add variety and reflect your taste. The rug can be made as large or small as you desire and time for completion depends on the number of people contributing and the pace of the work.


Step 1

Use scissors to cut notches (resembling teeth) at the top and bottom of a flat, rectangular-shaped piece of cardboard. Notches should be about the width of your thumb, 1 to 2 inches deep from the top and 1 to 2 inches deep from the bottom. Space the notches about 1 to 2 inches from each other.


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Step 2

Cut several large garbage bags into strips about 6 inches wide and tie the strips, end to end, to form one long piece.

Step 3

Wind the long piece through all the notches and around the cardboard to create the base for weaving. Tie the ends in the back of the cardboard and keep all knots from the spots where the bags are joined on one side of the cardboard. The cardboard will look like a jail cell, with the plastic bags like vertical jail bars


Step 4

Flatten out several smaller shopping bags by cutting out the handles and cutting down the sides of the bags. Tie three small bags together and, starting from the upper right corner and moving perpendicular to the large bags, start weaving the small bags through the large vertical strips. Use the small bags to go over and then under, over and then under, until you reach the end.


Step 5

Prepare another set of small bags for weaving and repeat the weaving process. Do the opposite under-over technique with each new set of bags. If on the last strip you went under-over with the bags, start the new strip with over-under.

Step 6

Cut each large garbage bag at the top of each notch to release the rug from the cardboard. Fold the edges towards the back of the rug and use duct tape to secure.


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