How to Substitute Fresh Tomatoes for Canned

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Things You'll Need

  • Stockpot

  • Knife

  • Colander

  • Bowl

  • Ice

Fresh tomatoes can be used in place of canned.

During most of the year, it is difficult to get fresh, in-season tomatoes. Therefore, most recipes call for canned tomatoes. When fresh tomatoes are available, however, you might prefer the taste. When you need to make a meal and all you have in the house are fresh tomatoes, it is possible to use them to substitute for canned tomatoes. However, using fresh tomatoes requires some preparation.


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Step 1

Buy or pick your tomatoes. You will need a lot of tomatoes. For example, one 28-oz. can of peeled whole tomatoes equals 10 to 12 tomatoes; a 14-oz. can equals five to six tomatoes. Rinse tomatoes in cold water to clean off any dirt or debris.

Step 2

Boil a very large pot of water. Add the tomatoes to the water. Boil the tomatoes for a maximum of one minute.


Step 3

Drain the tomatoes into a colander, then transfer them to a pot or bowl filled with ice water. This will allow the tomato peels to come off easily. This step is essential because leaving the skins on would make the tomatoes tough and chewy.

Step 4

Cut the tomatoes in half and remove the seeds and excess liquid. Rinse well. Squeeze the tomatoes to remove additional liquid. The volume of tomatoes you have now will be significantly less than when you began.

Step 5

Use tomatoes to make sauce or salsa, according to recipe or directions that called for canned tomatoes.