How to Use a Ball Bungee on a Tarp

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One of the best ways to secure a tarp to the tarp frame is to use ball bungees. These are bungee cords that form a circle and both ends connect to a ball. The ball serves as the securing point for the cord.

Step 1

Insert the loop end of the ball bungee into the eyelet on the tarp from the bottom. Thread the end of the loop back through the center of the bungee cord between the tarp and the ball.


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Step 2

Pull the end of the loop tight until the ball rests on the eyelet of the tarp. When you uninstall the tarp from the tarp frame later, the ball bungee stays attached to the tarp.

Step 3

Wrap the end of the bungee loop around the tarp frame or pipe. Pull the end of the loop over the ball and release the loop. The end of the loop should secure under the ball snugly. If the bungee is loose, wrap it twice around the tarp frame and then over the ball.


Ball bungees are also useful when securing other objects to racks, like ladders to ladder racks.



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