Redi Check Remote Thermometer Instructions

Cook accurately every time with a remote thermometer.

Remote thermometers such as the Redi Check allow you to spend your time socializing at a barbecue instead of monitoring the grill. Remote thermometers transmit meat temperature to the receiver unit in your hand so you know when the food's done.


Step 1

Open the battery compartments of both the transmitter and receiver and insert the AAA batteries. The transmitter takes two AAA batteries and the receiver three. Replace the battery cover.

Step 2

Plug the sensor probe into the transmitter. By inserting the probe into the meat later, you'll be able to take the temperature, read it and transmit it remotely.

Step 3

Turn the receiver on using the on/off switch on the back of the unit. Within 60 seconds, turn on the transmitter using its on/off switch. Wait for a beeping sound on your receiver. The system is working when you see numbers flashing instead of a line.

Step 4

Press the "mode" button on the receiver unit to select your thermometer. Then press "meat" to change the meat type. Meats listed include beef, pork, lamb, chick (chicken) and turky (turkey). Then press the "taste" arrows to find your desired level of doneness.


Step 1

Place your meat on the grill when the grill is ready.

Step 2

Stick the thermometer probe into the meat. Snake the probe out of the grill. Rest your transmitter and probe beside the grill so you can get a reading.

Step 3

Listen for a beep from the receiver that tells you when the meat is done, according to your settings.