Redi Chek Remote Thermometer Instructions

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Cook accurately every time with a remote thermometer.

Using a remote thermometer when you are grilling or smoking meats can ensure you get perfectly cooked meat every time without having to constantly check the progress. There are several Redi Chek thermometer models that you may have available, such as the Redi Chek ET-732 for use with an outdoor grill or the Redi Chek ET-32 for use with a smoker. While the operation of each model is similar, be sure to check the instruction manual for specific use and cleaning instructions.


Remote Read Meat Thermometer Instructions

Make sure batteries are installed in the receiver unit and that the appropriate food probe is attached to the transmitter. Most units will have a longer food probe and a shorter probe with a clip that you can attach to the grill or the smoker. First, connect the receiver and the transmitter. Press the power button on the receiver for two seconds to turn it on. Then, turn on the transmitter within 60 seconds. The unit will beep when the transmitter and receiver are connected, and the receiver will display the temperature from the probe.


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Next, insert the probe into the meat in the thickest area. Avoid fatty areas and don't position the probe next to the bone. Position the thermometer near the grill or smoker but not in an area with direct heat. Keep the receiver with you so that you can monitor the temperature.

Program the Thermometer

The next step is to program the thermometer. You can program the unit for food temperature or for the high and low grill or smoker temperature. To set the food temperature, hold the "HI/CLEAR" button until the digits flash. Then, press the "HI/ CLEAR" button again until it reaches the desired temperature. Confirm the setting by pressing the "LIGHT/MODE" button.


Make sure you set the temperature to a level that is safe for consumption. Steaks, roasts, ham and fish should have an internal temperature of at least 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Ground meat should be at least 160 degrees, and poultry should be at least 165 degrees.

You can also set the maximum and minimum grill temperature on the unit. This process is similar to setting the food temperature. Set the low grill temperature by holding the "LO/MIN" button and using the same button to set the minimum temperature. Use the "HI/HR" button to set the maximum temperature. Confirm the setting by pressing the "LIGHT/MODE" button.


Cleaning and Maintenance

Make sure you wear heat-resistant gloves when touching the probe during or after cooking to avoid burning yourself. Many transmitter units are waterproof, so you can use them even when cooking in the rain. However, they are not necessarily watertight. This means that water may seep in if you submerge the unit in water, so avoid this when cleaning the unit.


Clean the probes with soap and water immediately after use and dry them thoroughly. Clean the transmitter and receiver with a damp cloth.

Maverick Industries offers a limited 90-day warranty that you can take advantage of in case there is a problem with your Redi Chek unit. You can also contact the company to order replacement probes if necessary.



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