How to Insulate a Basement Bulkhead

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Things You'll Need

  • Construction adhesive

  • Hacksaw blade

  • Pencil

  • Tape measure

  • Styrofoam insulation

  • Construction adhesive

  • Caulk gun

A basement bulkhead can be used when a walkout basement is not an option for a home. A bulkhead is normally a metal structure that lies flat against a house. It has one or two doors that cover a staircase that leads into the basement. If the opening into the basement at the bottom of the staircase does not have a door, the bulkhead can be insulated to keep cold air out. Insulating a basement bulkhead requires only a few steps.


Step 1

Measure the bulkhead. This includes getting measurements for the width and height of the walls and bulkhead door. Use these dimensions to determine how much insulation needs to be purchased.

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Step 2

Buy sheets of Styrofoam insulation. Cut pieces of foam insulation to lace on the walls and door of the bulkhead. Measure the size needed for each wall and mark the insulation where it needs to be cut. Use a hacksaw to cut the insulation to the correct size.


Step 3

Affix each piece of insulation on the walls using construction adhesive. Use a utility knife to cut the tip off the tube and insert it into a caulk gun. Press the trigger to force the push plate to begin spreading the adhesive on the Styrofoam.

Step 4

Place the insulation on the bulkhead door from the outside. Working in the bulkhead can be confining and the doors are going to be over your head.


One-inch rigid insulation should be used to insulate a bulkhead door because it needs to open and close.


Construction adhesive does not adhere well in cold temperatures.


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