How to Steam Press Sheets

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A steam press is a machine that combines the capabilities of a regular clothes iron with a large-scale size that can be used for much bigger projects. The press looks like a large table with an equal-sized lid. The items to be steamed are placed between the plates. Using a steam press allows you to smooth out wrinkles from tablecloths, curtains and other bulky items. You can easily get that hotel-quality look to your sheets by pressing them with your steam press and get perfect creases every time.


Step 1

Plug the steam press into a suitable power outlet and wait for it to heat up. If there are different heat settings, use the highest one your sheets can handle.

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Step 2

Place one of the long edges of the sheet onto the bed of the press. Close the top onto it. Wait for the press to make the signal noise to indicate the press is finished.


Step 3

Lift the top of the press and switch the sheet around so the opposite long edge is on the press bed. Close the top. Press the edge the same way.

Step 4

Steam both of the short ends of the sheet, just as you did with the long edges.


Step 5

Fold the sheet in half lengthwise. Lay the entire sheet on the press. Close the top of the press down to steam the entire sheet.

Step 6

Take the sheet out and fold it widthwise. Press the sheet down to make the creases.

Step 7

Fold the sheet in half as many times as you want. Press the crease after each fold.


Fold your sheets as soon after you clean them as possible to make the wrinkles easier to get out.


Do not touch the surface of the steam press when it is turned on or you will burn yourself.

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