How to Make a Sign for a Concert

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Things You'll Need

  • Poster board

  • Colored markers or paint

  • Craft supplies

A creative sign can help you stand out from the crowd.

Attending a concert can be a memorable experience. In addition to watching your favorite musicians play live, you can attempt to grab their attention by bringing along a creative sign. Creating a sign to get noticed by the musician or cameras can add to the overall experience. The first step in creating a sign is deciding what you want it to say.


Step 1

Write down a list of ideas for words or graphics on the sign. The more original the idea, the better chance you have to getting noticed. When it comes to words on the sign, take a "less is more" approach. Most signs get only a few moments of attention and too many words will be passed over. Narrow the list down to one idea that you will put on the sign.


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Step 2

Pick out the material you want to use to make your sign. Poster board is a good material to use as it is large, but sturdy enough to display your sign without folding. A large piece of cardboard or even a bed sheet can also be used to make a sign. Unless there is another person who will be holding the sign with you, use a material small enough you can hold by yourself.


Step 3

Paint or draw your words or graphics onto the sign material. If you are adding words, write them in large letters visible from a distance. Use colors that contrast well with the sign material. Yellow lettering on a white poster board, for example, is difficult to read. Black and white are easy to read together, as are most light and dark color combinations.


Step 4

Add additional design elements that will make your sign stand out from the crowd. For example, cut the sign into a particular shape. Add as much color as possible without distracting the viewer away from the words or graphic on your sign.


Contact the facility holding the concert to check on the policy regarding signs. Some facilities do not allow fans to bring signs. Check for any possible restrictions before making the sign.


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